Parkland High School Shares Their Unpopular Opinions

As an incredibly diverse school with a multitudinous amount of different opinions, many students and some teachers have some things to say. 


For example, a lot of different people had something to say about different colors. Senior Ashley Prout stated that “people are wrong when they say green is not a creative color.” Now, I’d like to agree with this because there are so many different shades of green that can be used in so many different mediums (ie: emerald green, sage, etc.). It’s seen in plenty of paintings on so many different mediums that it’s pretty difficult for it to not be a creative color. 


Next up, we have Saleha Lone, a current senior at Parkland. Saleha stated that she believes that school starts too early. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily call this an unpopular opinion because plenty of people agree with this (including me). A lot of people also take the bus and sometimes their bus stops could be around 6:30 am which can be incredibly early for most people (I also find this super early). 


Last but not least, we have Varsity Football Coach and American Government teacher Mr. Moncman. For his hot take, Mr. Moncman said that he preferred wearing hats and that they should be allowed in school. I personally don’t have much of a stance on this, but I think that other people that enjoyed wearing things such as bandanas or other sorts of headwear would appreciate it. 


Along with public opinions, the Parkland Trumpet Staff had plenty to say. Gabby Landis (Entertainment Editor) believes that red meat is overrated. Shaiyan Feisal (News Editor) thinks that avocados and eggs are both gross (apologies in advance to my fellow avocado toast lovers). Mason Todora (Sports Editor) likes to think that pineapple belongs on pizza (fun fact: it doesn’t). Abby Shurman (Co-Editor-In-Chief) thinks that summer is not the best season (I beg to differ). 

Unpopular Opinions have taken quite a rise on Parkland High School Students, with some students believing pineapple belongs on pizza.