“The Chill”

The typical lunchroom chatter fills the air,

But I find I cannot participate, or rather,

I am unwilling to participate

in the same full yet exhausted conversations as the ones constructed by my peers 


What once was a wave of warmth coursing through the atmosphere is now frigid,

The chill that surrounds me raises bumps under my sleeves and nips my ears with cool whispers of resentment


Why am I unable to fit in?

Is it because I am unwilling to float into the icy breeze that whilst carrying the flurries of scandals also garners the weight of social acceptance?


The stiff puffs of frozen air spin through my frozen mind,

And I carry on feeding the tepid currents that surge from the depths of my heart and keep me warm


A note:

The theme of the individual versus society is a common one amongst high school students and everyone has felt the cold grasp of alienation at some point in their lives. When it comes to the vicious rumors and gossip that tend to control the social hierarchy, it is unbearably easy to find oneself in isolation after resisting harsh societal norms. It is especially important, however, for individuals to continue keeping up their sound morals and continue resisting the pressure to succumb to the cruel standards of popularity.