Does Double Masking Provide More Protection?

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Masks are a part of everyday lives and protect people against the virus. It can be difficult to understand which masks are effective and are the most protective, especially against new mutations of COVID. The CDC and other organizations are looking into or have found that double masking, a new technique, can be more efficient and effective.


According to U.S News, the CDC is currently studying the effects of double masking, and if it will truly protect others. Leading infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci says, “There’s nothing wrong with people wearing two masks…I often myself wear two masks”(3). Further r research is needed to go in-depth to find better protection against new forms of the COVID virus (3).


Others such as Women’s Health have said that double masking may be more effective, mainly for some who may only wear a cloth mask. By wearing more layers to a cloth mask it may provide double the protection that it did before (2). The CDC does recommend to double mask when wearing a mask that may be thinner, or not as protective compared to ones with filters or more than one layer built into the mask; for example, a gator or one layer cloth mask (1).


Double masking may also help with new forms of the COVID virus. According to New York Times, Dr. Marr states that while masking, the fibers and fabric that make up the mask are the most important to consider. The fabric and fibers of the mask are what the virus has to navigate through, and by those fabrics being thick or having multiple layers, it will make it difficult for the virus to pass through (4). Therefore, with more layers, it will create extra protection against the virus and faster spreading forms of the virus.


Double masking can be helpful for anyone who is looking for better protection. Hopefully, the research being conducted will help further the improvement of mask technique for the best defense against the virus.