Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos Continue Their Space Race

Photo by flickr.com

Photo by flickr.com

Will humans ever be able to live on the moon? This is a question that everyone seems to ask themselves. These billionaire entrepreneurs are widely known for their companies; Bezos, who had founded Amazon, and Musk, who co-founded Tesla. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk both took initiative to find a way for human beings to live in outer space. As two of the biggest figures in the U.S. Tech Industry race to find a way to space, it is hard to tell which one is ahead of the other. Both men are continuously moving forward with their production and research. 

Musk is also widely known for his American aerospace manufacturer, SpaceX, which aims to reduce space transportation costs in order to enable the colonization of Mars. According to BBC, Musk plans to create cities for humans to live on the Red Planet. He fears that humans will do something to our planet, and cause it to become uninhabitable. 

As Bezos announced his resignation as CEO of Amazon, he made it known that he wanted to focus on his other projects, including Blue Origin, an American privately funded aerospace manufacturer.

According to Blue Origin, the company intends to make access to space less expensive and reliable through reusable launch vehicles. Unlike SpaceX, Blue Origin is much less public about their details in progression. 

The BBC says that Bezos plans for “large space colonies.” His ideal vision is for millions of people to be living and working in space. Bezos describes these space colonies as “manufactured worlds” that rotate to create artificial gravity with centrifugal force. 

Both personalities contrast greatly from each other. Bezos has a more diligent approach while Musk is full of geeky playfulness. Despite all of their vigorous progress in research and manufacturer, these men had no experience whatsoever once they first stepped onto the scene. But, look at how far they’ve come. Now the question is, who will win the race?