Covid-19 Strikes the Animal Shelter Industry

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Gianna Rivera, News Editor

   Since the start of March’s lockdown, life has never been the same. Different industries such as fashion, sports, and education have all been impacted greatly. Small business and big businesses alike have closed down, filed for bankruptcy, or have reopened and had less business. Besides this, animal shelters are no strangers to business being impacted due to Covid-19.

   Animal shelters are just one of many that have dealt with the impacts of the pandemic. With people staying at home in lockdown, many have resorted to online shopping and adopting. 

   When it comes to people’s purpose of adopting animals, many have chosen to do so due to feeling lonely or bored while at home. According to The Washington Post, animal shelters in the Washington area have been experiencing a demand increase issue. This means that more and more people are wanting pets, but there may not be enough for everyone. 

   Since everything went virtual due to Covid-19, animal shelter owners now organize virtual consultations instead of in-person ones. They are competing with owners across the country to bring animals in which can be incredibly stressful. 

   Another massive change that shelters such as the PAWS Animal Shelter have implemented is the fact that walk-ins are not allowed. For those who like seeing what animals are there before choosing, there is a great opportunity to do so safely. 

   Potential adopters set up an appointment with managers and workers virtually and go through viable pet options. Then, the workers pre-approve and work through the application to get potential adopters their pets as soon as possible. When asked by The Daily News, Patty Coffee, manager at PAWS Animal Shelter, said that “It’s shortened the process for us, and even for adopters because they know they’re already approved if they find a dog they like.” 

   Animal shelters have been hit both ways in regards to being affected positively and negatively. Basically, not only has competition for animal shelters increased, but demand has also escalated immensely.


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