Introducing the 2022-2023 Yearbook Editors


Photo courtesy of Jess Benninger. Ten ParKey staff members rejoin the group as editors for the 2022-2023 school year.

Photo courtesy of Jess Benninger. The yearbook staff waits in anticipation for the announcement of next year’s editors.

Parkland’s yearbook team, more frequently referred to as Par Key, is a valued asset to Parkland’s community and student body. This year, the yearbook staff consisted of thirty members and was a largely female-run organization consisting of talented editors, photographers, and staff, epitomizing Parkland Pride again and again. The ParKey yearbook is one of the Parkland School District’s biggest fundraisers, and a limited quantity of yearbooks are still available for students to purchase through the ParKey website,

Ten new editors were selected through a detailed application process; applications were subject to review from the yearbook advisor, Mrs. Beck, and current Co-Editors in Chief, Emma Brayford and Kyra Stauffer. Next year’s editors will now shadow their senior editors throughout the last few weeks of the school year and will also receive a peer-made handbook detailing their new roles.

The following are the newly selected ParKey editors for the 2022-2023 school year:


Academics Editor: Jane Lovell, sophomore

Arts Editor: Vanessa Stauffer, sophomore

Business/Ads & Index Editor: Avery McConnell, freshman

Dividers Editor: Hayden Fermier, sophomore

Clubs Editor: Caitlin Cohen, freshman

Senior Section Editor: Nalah Fladger, junior

Student Life Editor: Aimee Kundek, sophomore

Athletics Editor: Lainie Walker, junior

Co-Editors in Chief: Natalie Schwartz, junior, and Kathryn Hucaluk, junior

When asked about her feelings on her new position as Co-Editor in Chief, Natalie Schwartz said, “I’m really excited to bring a more creative and fun take on such an important position in yearbook and I’m really excited to be able to work with everyone… yearbook has always been something I’m so passionate about and it feels good to have all of your hard work recognized.”