How Should Students Study for the AP Tests?


Spring is just around the corner and for AP students this also means AP tests are fast approaching. This year, the AP test has undergone some minor changes, but it is still similar to what was expected in previous years.  The biggest change is the option to take the test at home online. There are some formatting differences between the at-home and in-person tests but they both boil down to the same thing, a test.


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Here are some great ways to study for the AP exams:

  1. Review old material starting from the beginning
  2. Use Khan academy
    – They make personalized study plans based on the course you take
  3. Go through the course outline on the College Board website and review unfamiliar concept
    – If you find your specific class, it will give you an outline of all the things you may need to know to prepare for the test
  4. Form a study group
  5. Ask your teachers for advice on study materials
    – Going into their class before or after school is a great way to get more material to study, you can also send them an email
  6. Watch crash course videos
    – There are many subjects covered on the crash course youtube video 
  7. Maintain a good sleep schedule