Midterms are back in the running!

When I say “YAY!” you say “Midterm time!”… “YAY MIDTERM TIME!”


Okay, so I know in fact that most, if not all, are not actually screaming excitedly for the midterm quarter; however that time of year is slowly creeping up on us as the first marking period comes to a close end.


During this time of year, the school pace begins to pick up, the first snowfall begins, and the dreadful midterms commence. Unfortunately, due to COVID, over the past two years, midterms and finals were temporarily annexed; however, recently the school has decided to bring back both midterms and finals within the 2022-2023 school year.


Midterms will occur on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of January. Students will have half days and will only have to come to school to take their midterms for that day. The days will vary depending on what and how many midterms the student will need to take that day.


Midterms may not be an exciting time for most students, as it tests every piece of knowledge they have learned up until that point for each class. The concept is draining as studying for the classes takes much dedication and focus. But if there are any motivational words this article could give is to “push yourself for the better and best outcome.”