The law of the library

In the beginning of the second semester, Parkland High School’s library set in place new rules. When coming to the library during a free period, you must have a pass from one of your main subject teachers for the sole purpose of completing school work. A handful of students were disappointed with this recent change, and the amount of people going to the library has significantly declined. Overall, has this adjustment helped or hindered the student body? 

Some of the students here at PHS have shared their feelings toward the newly implemented rule: 

 “ I used to go to the library every other day during the third period. Now I feel restricted. The library was a chill place where I could get my work done, and now I feel unwelcome.” – Christiana Mattei (11) 

“ I went to the library once a week, but now I feel like the library isn’t considering the students.” – Jashea Johnson (11) 

“ I think we shouldn’t have to have a pass. If I’m in a caf study hall, and I need some quiet, I’d like to have a quiet space.” – Meagan Braim (12) 

“ The rule is incredibly unnecessary and heavily restricts the students’ intellectual abilities.” – Caitlin Cohen (10) 


A poll was taken in Mrs. Furst’s 9th period class and 13 of her 28 students (46%) went to the library before this new system was put in place. Since then none of the 13 students have visited the library.


Taking a turn from the students, an interview with our librarian Mrs. Dickerson was conducted, and she was able to reveal how the library has changed in the last month. 

Q: “Why was this rule implemented in the library?”

A: “We always did it before the pandemic and we’re making sure people aren’t here to socialize and everyone can use the space.” 

Q: “ So far, how has the change impacted the overall environment in the library?”

A: “It is definitely more studious and quiet.”

Q: “Is this a final change or will you ever consider going back to only needing your ID?”

A: “ It’s always a process and if this isn’t the best thing for the library, we’ll change it.”


Whether you frequently come to the library or you don’t come at all, the library has always been a place that encourages hard work in a quiet environment, and they are determined to keep it that way. In the end, this is a positive change and you can still come in and get your work done when needed, but if you’ve come to hang out with your friends and be disruptive, don’t, this library is all booked up. (Literally).